Mouthguard offer


Huddle up people!

We've got a long sporting season ahead, and I don't want any of us getting avoidable dental injuries, okay?
Mouthguards are mandatory, because when it comes to your pearly whites, you really can't be too careful.

Chemist bought mouthguards range from very cheap to quite expensive 'boil and bite' types. Custom made mouthguards are made on a model constructed from an impression taken in your mouth. They should fit snugly and therefore will tend to stay in place firmly during sport. They may not be as thick as the expensive pre-made types.

It’s not often you hear people talking about how great dentists are, but our crew at Capital Dental have a gleaming reputation based on years of offering up-front, honest advice. Like a good mechanic for your mouth, we won’t tell you that you need work done unless you really do - be it a filling, a root canal, or a rear wheel balance.

Our Capital Dental team is committed to your well-being and they use the latest state of the art technology to minimise discomfort.

Call in to get your teeth ready for whatever the winter sports season is going to throw at you, thanks to Capital Dental.

And break!