I was watching Finding Nemo with my kids and came across this part in the movie... it was fascinating to see that the perception in the general public is that root canals are painful ...mmmm but with the right expertise it is almost the opposite. PAINLESS! Dikesh Parmar.
Huddle up people! We've got a long sporting season ahead, and I don't want any of us getting avoidable dental injuries, okay? Mouthguards are mandatory, because when it comes to your pearly whites, you really can't be too careful. Chemist bought mouthguards range from very cheap to quite expensive
Winter is upon us and so is the rugby season for us and our children. Participants in any sports are vulnerable to facial injuries including severely damaging their teeth. You should be aware that children can get root canals too, which can be necessary after young permanent teeth are broken from an
My patient presented with his anterior tooth (22) having a chronic apical lesion which generally remained asymptomatic. Root canal treatment was done and the old root filling was removed. Due to the root having an open apex, MTA was used to fill the canal. The tooth was restored with a LuxTaper
It may come as a surprise to some that dentistry polls number one for work-related suicide. Some would see it as a cushy, well-paid, job, with minimal stress. Some would see it as lightweight. Some would see it as over-priced. Some would not have a clue... We are not the most popular of people to
I have been asked twice in the last week if breast milk is bad for children’s teeth. Concerned, stressed, and exhausted new parents have been made worse by the advice dished out by their Plunket nurse. This question seems to get asked every so often, and rather than simply poo-pooing it, I thought I
Conservation of tooth structure while doing a root canal treatment is the key to the long term survival of the tooth in the mouth. Many a times I have seen that these access cavities that are created to locate the root canals of the tooth are so big that the tooth is undermined. A new way of
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